Frequently Asked

What pool options do I have other than gunite?

Distinctive Pools, of course, only installs gunite pools, which are far superior to fiberglass pools, pools with vinyl liners, and above-ground pools.

What is gunite?

Gunite is concrete—similar, in fact, to the concrete used in the foundation of a house. Gunite, however, is mixed a specific way and can be applied vertically, using high-pressure air, to form the shape of your pool.

Why should I choose gunite?

Gunite pools are more durable that vinyl. Gunite pools are designed to last for decades. Vinyl pools are installed with the expectation that at some point, the liner will be replaced. They also run the risk of punctures, which can cause a leak. Obviously, that isn’t a problem with gunite.

Also, gunite pools can be built to a totally custom design. Vinyl pools are customizable to a degree, but they’re still limited to a few basic designs to start from. Fiberglass pools offer very few options for customization—you’re looking at an extremely limited selection of shapes, sizes, colors, depths, and special features.

What are my customization options with gunite?

Because gunite is applied with a sprayer on site, gunite pools allow you to create shapes that suit your landscape and special features that suit your desires like having a grotto with a waterfall in your backyard. Every line or curve, any size or depth, is up to you. If you’ve ever seen an exotic lagoon in a pool at a luxury hotel, chances are, it was gunite.

How are gunite pools installed?

Gunite pools start with planning and designing—that’s how we’re able to make sure you get exactly what you want. Once that’s determined, the shape of the pool is laid out in its final location, and the dirt is excavated. Steel is installed for structural integrity, and plumbing and electricity are installed. Then the gunite is sprayed on using high-pressure air, tiles and decks are added, plaster and interior finishes are added, and then we fill the pool with water, and you start swimming. Weather permitting, the process takes about 8 to 10 weeks. And then the final product lasts as long as you do.

Do gunite pools crack?

Installed improperly, gunite pools can crack. Properly installed, a gunite pool can last decades. Distinctive Pools focuses exclusively on properly installed gunite pools, and we back that up with a lifetime structural warranty.

How do I maintain a gunite pool?

Because the surfaces of a gunite pool are porous, a regular routine is necessary to avoid problems like algae. Every week, you’ll want to clean the sides of the pool to keep things like algae from building up—this can be done with a manual vacuum or an automatic cleaner. Skim debris from the pool to keep the larger pieces out of filters. Run your pool pump every day—six hours at least—to keep pool chemicals balanced. And test the water once a week to check the pH and chlorine levels, and adjust chemicals as necessary, to keep the water sparkling clean. Automatic vacuums and cleaners make the job a lot easier, but even without them, you’re only looking at about an hour a week to maintain a pool you’ll love to swim in.

Where are your service areas?

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